Online Ikebana Teacher Training Course

★Most recommended by The Yumehana School★

With our school’s most popular course, it’s possible to attain your teacher’s certificate in only 18 months.



Choose flowers that you find exciting or soothing from your local florist to create beautiful arrangements.  Handling flowers can be very relaxing and refreshes both the body and mind.

Create Ikebana arrangements with flowers you love

Go to your local florist and purchase the plant materials that you would like to work with. It may be easier to choose materials that are similar to those in the instructions, but really it is up to you! (Instructions are sent via email)

Attain Your Teaching Qualification in just 18 months

Normally, it takes three years to work through the six-part teacher training course, but with this course, it’s possible to attain your teaching qualification in just 18 months. Each section takes three months to complete, which breaks down to two lessons per month.

Receive feedback on your arrangements via email

Email us photos of your completed arrangement and receive carefully considered feedback from one of our teachers. You can email us back and forth as much as you like, enabling steady progression. This service is also available in English.

Full-Support on Completion of the Course

On completion of the course, you will be invited to join the Research Program as a teacher and receive on-going support. You will receive a teacher’s manual which will provide you with all the information you need to teach with confidence.

Course Outline

1.  Become a member (once payment has been processed).

2.  An email will be sent to you on the first of each month.

3.  Complete the assignments and send us two photographs of each completed arrangement (one from the front and one from the side).


4.  Feedback is sent via email.

・Online Ikebana Teacher Training Course

Online Ikebana Teacher Training Course < including bonus gifts ・single payment>

Receive a free ‘Starter Kit’

*The Starter Kit includes an ikebana container, a kenzan, a set of three pairs of scissors and a ‘Basics of Ikebana’ movie.


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